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How To Improve Your Office Ambience With Flowers

The workplace has changed drastically in the 21st century, from interior design to what aesthetically pleasing objects are being incorporated into the office look. How the office your office is designed is more important now than ever before. With the new generation of employees of it becomes more imperative to create an office space that is welcoming not only for them but for your brand’s image as well.

Research all over the world shows that plants and flowers can improve the ambience and productivity of any office environment. Having small indoor plants and flowers can improve the air quality and remove impurities while adding a focal point to your work environment, this ultimately translates to a more productive team.

At Petals Designer Florist, we have on many occasions sat with owners of companies discussing how they can include flowers and plants in their office setup. Through these conversations, we have helped many of our clients to make their offices improve their office ambience. So why not share our industry traits with our digital family so they too can enhance the ambience in their office with flowers.


The first point of call to any office is the reception area, improving how this area’s image is imperative as this is where first impressions happen. It is at the reception where prospective and long-standing clients make the judgement call on your business. Placing beautiful flowers on the reception desk shows people that you care enough about your visitors’ experience, which will only ultimately give them a good impression regarding your business. The flowers will also give life to a monotonous business setup.

Different studies across the world have shown that companies that decorate their reception area with a beautiful floral arrangement are seen as more capable of handling business matters, especially those that require attention to details. We recommend getting a fresh cut flowers arrangement for each week.


If you’ve spent some time in boardroom meetings for long hours, you’ll definitely know just how much of a drag some meetings tend to be. At one point or the other, you do find yourself almost half asleep, and this doesn’t necessarily have to do with the meeting, but the environment itself contributes to your mood. That’s the exact reason why we need flowers in the boardroom, to lift up the atmosphere, – flowers help to improve the overall mood in those around them while inspiring creativity

Boardroom flowers aren’t only beautiful to look at, they help purify the air and can bring life to a stale old boardroom. Furthermore, an elegant boardroom will definitely score you points with your clients, potential investors and prospective clients.



As humans, we generally have an innate desire to be connected with nature, scientists call this ‘biophilia’. We, however, spend most of our days at the workplace, which tends to be stripped of much of any connection to the natural environment. It is then needed to include office flowers or plants in the spaces we work in not solely to beautify the place, but for these below mentioned benefits as well.

  • Office flowers help to reduce stress
  • Office flowers help to increase productivity
  • Office flowers help to reduce sickness and absence rates

Which plants do best in an office environment?

Not all flowers and plants are suitable to live in your workplace. One needs to consider restrictions such as the availability of daylight, and how often they can and will be watered. Those that will thrive in workplaces include succulents (which include aloe and cacti) and peace lilies. Our office flowers service has done wonders in many offices, with weekly and monthly office flower deliveries.

As a leading and trusted florist in Port Elizabeth, we assess what each of our client’s needs is and offer unique flower arrangements for the different spaces within their offices based on their needs and specifications.

Get in touch with us, and we’d love to come to your office for an obligation free consultation and together we can make your office space beautiful with our office flowers and plants.