Growing up Easter flowers were a big part of Easter celebrations in our family and church. Our trips to the florist were my favourite. My mother would let me pick the flowers for our dinner table as she chose flowers for the church service. Now that I look back, those days played a vital role in my love for flower arrangements.

One thing I still remember from those days is asking my mother about the significance of Easter flowers. What they represent and how the heritage of Easter related to the flowers. To this day many people still ask themselves this very question. That is why I thought we should have a look at popular Easter flowers and their significance.



Daisies are considered cheerful and are a favourite at Easter. The white daisy is known to symbolise a calm and serene nature and purity. Daisies add a nice touch to centrepieces and decorations because of their fragrance. Daisies are available in yellow, pinks, reds, purples, brown and more colours. White daisies are however the preferred choice for Easter.



White lilies are considered as very traditional Easter flowers and are quite popular. The lily represents hope and love. Among many religious groups it signifies holiness and purity. Giving one a white Lily shows that you are happy to know the recipient. Another legend claims that the white lilies grew from the repentant tears shed by Eve upon her departure from Paradise.

The lily is mentioned frequently throughout holy scriptures and serves as a beautiful reminder of the significance of the Easter season.


White tulips stand for forgiveness, while the purple represent royalty. Both meanings fit well with the religious themes of Easter, as do the meanings of love, belief and passion associated with the blooms.
These meanings continue to make tulips a firm favourite among many during Easter.


Daffodils are symbolic of new life. However, this flower’s association with Easter doesn’t stop here. Legend is that the first daffodil appeared at the garden of Gethsemane to comfort Jesus as he was taken away to be tried and crucified.

In England, daffodils are popularly known as Lenten lilies, because they bloom early during Lent.

As Easter draws closer, it is essential that we understand the significance of the flowers associated with this holy weekend. I’d love to hear your stories about your Easter flowers after all this is our blog. As Easter gets close let us share our stories and get to know each other a bit better.

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