Banting Luxury Hamper


Gluten-Free Rice Crackers



Beanies Coffee

Treat Roasted and Salted Mixed Nuts

Fairview Cheese Spread

Winston and Julia Box of 80% Sugar Free chocolate tumbles with almonds center with no Sulphur.

Calamata Olives


The Banting Luxury Hamper is a low-carb hamper suitable for diabetics, banting fans and those wanting a healthier option. The hamper contains an assortment of savoury items ranging from cheese, coffee, nuts, olives and more.

Fairview camembert cheese is now available in a spread. Sealed in a glass bottle you can store this cheese unopened in your larder or once opened to be consumed within a week. Beanies instant coffee comes in a variety of flavours and this strong coffee is a hit with everyone. Dukkah is combination of spices and nuts which provide a tanginess and mild heat to food. In addition, dukkah has a pleasing crunchy texture because of the nuts it contains. Winston & Julia have a wonderful box  of 80% Sugar Free chocolate tumbles with Almonds center with no Sulphur. We also have Gluten-Free rice crackers, roasted and salted mixed nuts, and Kalamata olives whole in a jar and olive tapenade.

Remember we can send our hampers out same day delivery to Port Elizabeth and surrounding towns. Normally a next day delivery to East London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Bloemfontein. Smaller towns may take longer.