Chocolate, Nuts and Dried Fruit Deluxe Hamper


2 x Chocolate by Tomes Mini Slabs

Lindor Chocolate Bar

Lindor Nicciolatte Chocolate Bar

Salted Caramel Pecan Bar

Winston & Julia Artisan Chocolate Slab

Chocolate Malt Balls

Mixed Nuts

Caramelized Pecan Nuts


Dried Mango Pieces

Dried Fruit Tots

Dried Pear Halves

Dried Banana Chips


The Chocolate, Nuts and Dried Fruit Deluxe Hamper contains Lindt and Sweet Temptation chocolates, and an assortment of nuts and dried fruit. Delicious chocolate flavours like macadamia nut, strawberries in cream, coffee beans are just some of the options used. The selection of various nut products also make this a suitable option for nut lovers. Lindt, Chocolate by Tomes and Winston and Julia are all superior brands of chocolate so create a stylish upmarket hamper.

The hamper is suitable as a corporate gift or for family and friends. A delightful gift for many occasions like birthdays, get well soon, celebrations and more.

National delivery.