Annabelle Cuvee Romance Hamper


Annabelle Cuvee Rose Sparkling Wine (Non alcoholic option available)

Love Coupon Book

Scented Candle

Winston and Julia Chocolate Slab

10 x Lindor Truffles


The Annabelle Cuvee Romance Hamper contains a bottle of sparkling wine, artisanal chocolate, a booklet of love vouchers, scented candle and Lindor truffles beautifully wrapped in a basket.

This easy drinking sweet cuvee rosé has upfront tropical aromas with hints of strawberry, florals and spice. The wine is soft and smooth with a sweet enduring finish. This wine can be enjoyed on its own, with alfredo meals, fruit salads and various desserts. It will show best when the wine is well chilled.

The booklet contains 28 love vouchers that you can redeem for activities such as a foot massage, bubble bath, a night of cuddling, breakfast in bed and a few blank ones to choose your own romantic desire.

Suitable for romance

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Annabelle Cuvee Sparkling Rose Wine

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