Mom Appreciation Gift Set


Our thoughtful Mom Appreciation Gift Set features fresh proteas and greenery, arranged expertly in a printed mug featuring the message: Mom, in a world full of roses, you are a protea. 

Paired with this gift set:

Origin Mom Chocolate Slab featuring the message: Mom, you raise the bar! (of chocolate)

Protea Moisture Rich Hand and Nail Cream 60ml


Our thoughtful Mom Appreciation Gift Set is perfect to honor the special mom in your life this Mother’s Day!  This charming arrangement of fresh proteas and greenery, beautifully presented in a cozy mug, is a delightful tribute to her love and care. The protea’s unique beauty and symbolic meaning of strength and resilience make it a fitting choice for the mom who deserves recognition. Paired with delicious chocolate and luxurious hand cream, this petite gift set is a thoughtful and elegant way to show appreciation. Order now!